New Halo Top Ice Cream Collection Reviews (so far)

Halo Top Ice Cream reviews

There are now all the flavors located in Wegmans near me so this is what i grabbed so far at $5.49 a pint. Please note that all these ice-creams were tasted after letting the ice cream sit out for 10 – 15 minutes.

Fun story here, i love this brand and i have been going to my grocery store 3 days every week since 10/10/16 release, i got envious of anyone who were able to find the flavors before me. I gave up last week and pretty much swore off grocery stores since i was tired of being disappointed. I had the urge to go to the store today and they had all the flavors though peanut butter cup and oatmeal cookie were sold out. I asked if someone could check the back and they brought me the peanut butter cup. I almost cried and thanked the lady. Ad i was at the check out a second away from paying the lady had tracked me down and gave me oatmeal cookie. i smiled so hard that i shed a tiny tear and told her how appreciative i was of her.  I smiled at the cashier and told her i am a nut job for how happy i was and that my entire purchase was nothing just cheese and ice cream.

Halo Top Ice Cream S’mores
img_20161113_155703159.jpg img_20161113_155753075.jpg

Overall Taste: The base is a light maple vanilla flavor (which i think was supposed to be a marshmallow flavor?) that if you wait and let it melt on your tongue instead of eat as fast as you can, you can taste a very VERY light hint of a graham cracker cinnamon flavor.  The ice cream has tiny chocolate morsels that make the bite containing them delightful. Overall, the flavor was a bit disappointing, i will finish off the pint but i will probably not buy it again.
I would suggest that the base ice cream be a stronger cinnamon honey graham cracker flavor with gram cracker  powder/pie crust powder mixed through it along with small marshmallows (similar to the ones in rocky-road ice cream) and keep the tiny chocolate morsels in the ice cream.  Or have the ice cream be a chocolate base with small marshmallows and graham cracker pieces mixed through the ice cream. (i think the chocolate base would be better)

Halo Top Ice Cream Chocolate Almond Crunch
img_20161113_170146466.jpg  Macrosimg_20161113_170205422.jpg
Overall Taste: The Ice-cream has a light malt chocolate flavor with a strong artificial almond extract flavoring that overpowers the flavor to where you would feel that there is something wrong with the flavor. (insert “Does this taste like chloroform” joke) Though there is a light maple flavor that follows as you begin to swallow.  there are pieces of almonds in almost every bite but still is lacking.  This flavor was alright, needs improvement. Would i buy this flavor again? Probably not.
Suggestions: I would suggest that they upgrade the “crunch” factor by having more clusters like those in Honey Bunches of Oats with Almonds cereal (my childhood favorite cereal). Or just mix in the Honey Bunches of oats cereal in the ice cream instead of the diced up almond bits.

As for the flavoring the almond extract flavor needs to be lessened and the chocolate flavor of the ice cream needs to be increased.  I would recommend using the Original Chocolate flavored ice cream and mix in  Honey Bunches of Oats Cereal with Almonds cereal (cutting up the almond slices in half) into the ice ice cream, with an extra kiss of honey (or maple) and it would be closer to the flavor description.

Halo Top Ice Cream Peanut Butter Cup
img_20161119_134941967.jpg Macros:  img_20161119_134950056.jpg 

Overall Taste
: The chocolate ice cream base has a light oval-tine chocolate malt flavor with honey peanut butter drizzled through the ice cream. Damn! The chocolate flavor ice cream is very lack luster but the peanut butter swirls take this flavor from a 4 to a 10 like beer goggles but its Peanut Better Certified. img_20161119_135355100.jpg
Suggestions: I would suggest one small tweek and use the original chocolate flavor.

Halo Top Ice Cream Sea Salt Caramel
img_20161119_133610414.jpg Macros:  img_20161119_133616025.jpg

Overall Taste: The vanilla ice cream almost taste like Vanilla Cake Frosting, though when you get some with caramel its wonderful. The salted caramel flavor reminds me of caramel  from a salt water taffy store with a n acceptable amount of saltiness throughout the ice cream.
Suggestions: I would normally say that this is overly salty and still think it is a bit overly salty, so i would just say tone down the salt by just a hair. As for the vanilla ice cream maybe tweek it a little bit by using a butter cream or french vanilla cream ice cream base, i am not sure which would be better but this is more like vanilla frosting with salted caramel through it, which would be a good cupcake but not what i expected for ice cream.

Halo Top Ice Cream Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
img_20161119_134509542.jpg   Macrosimg_20161119_134521553.jpg
Overall Taste: There are tons of tiny cinnamon maple flavored cookie bites through the ice cream. The vanilla ice cream base is more like a sweet vanilla cream with no vanilla flavor. Overall it taste good but i did not find any chocolate chips.
Suggestions: First and foremost there needs to be mini chocolate chips in this ice cream. without them the ice cream needs to be renamed Snickerdoodle Cookie Dough or Sugar-Cookie Cookie Dough.

Halo Top Ice Cream Oatmeal Cookie
img_20161119_134007180.jpg   Macros:img_20161119_134018199.jpg
Overall Taste: The ice cream has oats throughout it to where there is a pleasant oat texture with a cinnamon flavor.  the ice cream is nicely sweet to where you wonder when the raisins or chocolate chips will come to the party. This is a good flavor tasting like a Oatmeal cinnamon sugar cookie blended perfectly through the ice cream and would eat again.
Suggestions: This flavor is great as is but the sensation of waiting for that something extra to be present with the ice cream maybe it could caramel, mini chocolate chips, or maybe even raisins.


If you have tried the Halo Top Ice Cream’s please leave a comment and share your experience with it.

In order from what I liked the most to least:

Peanut Butter Cup (since my love of peanut butter overrides my love of lemon)
Lemon Cake
(Since i am a lemon fanatic)
Mint Chip
Oatmeal Cookie

Chocolate  and Strawberry  (ranked together since i like to mix them together to make my own Neapolitan “shake” #Halotopcreamery make this a new flavor)
Sea Salt Caramel
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
Birthday Cake?

Chocolate Almond Crunch

2 thoughts on “New Halo Top Ice Cream Collection Reviews (so far)

  1. lemon, mint chip, and boring ole ‘nilla are my favs. have you tried pistachio? this is great for a savory sweet treat. was the oatmeal cookie really worth the cals? i eat the whole pint and im starting a new diet today


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