Quest Bar Pumpkin Pie Review

So the pumpkin season has started, This year i plan on focusing on more of the healthier options available.  Trust me i have seen some things i have have been tempted to buy but the macros were terrible.

Quest Bar Pumpkin Pie (found at GNC and VitaminShoppe)
Label Advises:
gluten free, 
Macros: 60g 220cal 12F 19C 21P 12fiber
Smell: it smells of orange, white chocolate and pumpkin candy
Taste unmodified: It is a bit hard and chewy, it is very sweet and it tastes like candy corn
Taste heated: It barely warmed up 15 seconds. the outer chocolate melted a little bit, the cookie and crisps came alive a  little bit which give a crust like feel and taste to it. Through the process of heating it the intensity of the sweetness went down.
Overall: the bar looks like an orange version of combat crunch bar or fit crunch bar, as for the flavor i did not enjoy it that much. Though the best version of the bar is warmed up.  I will try another bar tomorrow to see if maybe the second taste might be better.

Second Chance Review
Taste Unmodified: the bar seems even harder to chew this time, like trying to chew a brick. even harder to cut through also. 😦  It still taste like candy corn to me i cannot find the pumpkin flavor at all. though the bar did not seem as sweet as the first time i tried it.
Heated: much easier to chew. the density is more like the rest of the quest bars though the flavor is completely gone with the chocolate coating and the bar on the inside, but it was still semi sweet.
Overall: i will not be buying any more of this bar. it is too hard to chew, i am not a fan of it tasting like caramel corn, and the Lara Pumpkin Pie Bar tasted so much better and was not as hard to chew.

TonyKent: It was very hard to chew. It taste like sweet & low and dry wall.

Third Chance Review:
This one i ordered directly from quest website.
Taste: the texture is much easier to chew but taste like wax
Heated: the texture feels a lot better, the flavor completely went away in both the cookie and chocolate coating. The “cookie” part of the bar taste like a sugar cookie, without the sugar.  😦 but the warmth of the bar was delightful. That’s 1 good thing right?
Overall: I am tired of trying to find a way to try to like this bar 😦 hopefully next year they will go back to the old format and try again, make it with pumpkin and add pumpkin spice to the mix.

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Have you tried The Quest Pumpkin Pie bar? If so how was your experience? 
What is your Favorite Quest Bar?


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