Bzzagent L’Oreal Pure Clay Mask 1 of 3 Review

I was sent this item for free from Bzzagent, I will still give my blunt and honest opinion on the product as I use it.

L’Oreal Pure-Clay Mask Collection

img_20161106_124717566.jpg img_20161106_124834551.jpg img_20161106_124855287.jpg img_20161106_124916401.jpg


img_20161106_131350124.jpg img_20161106_131457225.jpg img_20161106_131520921.jpg

I took pictures of the process as i tried the product:

Just to summarize the series of pictures even though i put a small note in the picture that would describe what i am doing:

1: My face dirty and un-washed

2: Me mid face wash

3: My face freshly clean

4: My face with mask freshly applied

5: My face after mask has been on it for 15 minutes

6: My face after the mask has been washed/ massaged off

7: How my sink looked before wiping it clean.

Now for my Honest Review:

Smells: Like Noxzema face wash
Experiences:  after 2 minutes i felt both cooling and warming sensations.  After a period of time there was a very slight burning sensation with desires to itch my face and neither of the sensations were unbearable.
After Affects: My face felt a lot smoother and tighter, but not the type of tightness when your face is overly dry. There is also a coolness sensation that goes over the face for several minutes after the mask has been completely washed off.
Overall: I liked the product and would actually be tempted to buy it again after i use up all of the ones i received and the other face masks that i already own at home, so it could be a few years based on how slow i am with putting face masks on. Or this could inspire me to treat myself a little more often since i have 3 other face mask bottles that i purchased in the past year and only cracked 1 open that i have used twice.XD



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