New Halo Top Ice Cream Collection Reviews (so far)

Blunt and honest review of some of the new Halo Top Creamery Ice cream flavors Continue reading


TVP Experiment

Honest Review and Experimentation of TVP… Textured Vegetable Protein Continue reading

What I eat in a day / week – Week of August 17th, 2015

So This is the second installment of sharing with you what i normally eat in a day/week since i tend to have majority of the same foods for an entire week. This week i decided i would try to go … Continue reading

Page Face Lift and Your opinion is needed.

I gave the page a new look, i go over some ideas on what is to come and most of all I want feedback, comments and suggestions from you. (yes you, don’t be shy… i am the shy one here even though it doesn’t seem that way) Continue reading