WIAW What I eat in a day / week of 11-14-2016

I am currently working on figuring out my body, slowly increasing my calories to see if i am under eating.  So far i have noticed that if i do not snack on anything extra, my weight stays the same, and the days i snack, i lose weight.  *Why must bodies be so difficult?*   Anyways, if any of the foods i will be showing below interest you please leave a comment and advise you would like to see the recipe or a review of the item. I will be working on reviews of any new foods i try though out the week.  ** I have put special notes at the bottom on recent events and things to come**

Below is what I will be eating Monday through Friday.

Cutting to the chase now, i have a brief summery on how to decipher the meal nick names and when the food is actually consumed.

Breakfast is actually Breakfast consumed around 6:45am  at home after my fasted workout (I drink BCAA’s while I work out)
Lunch is usually consumed around 12pm while i continue to work and then i usually go for my walk at 12:30pm
Dinner is my post 100’s Challenge  meal/Dinner usually consumed before 6pm at home
2nd meal is actually consumed around 9am at work
6th meal is anything extra that i eat randomly throughout the day that i did not plan.

111416-1 111416-2



Breakfast is an egg white and cheese pita sandwich .


Second Meal is Greek yogurt, chips, fruit leather, keenwah chocolate puffs and apple chunks! ( Each of these taste amazing!! i was pleasantly surprised with the Keenwah puffs)
img_20161114_085717970.jpg img_20161114_091006986_hdr2.jpg.jpg img_20161116_201717.jpg img_20161116_202057.jpg img_20161116_202223.jpg


Lunch is slow cooker chicken with Italian and crushed red pepper seasoning, mashed sweet potatoes topped with peanut butter.


Dinner is Myprotein Cookie Chocolate Orange flavor (heated up) topped with peanut butter and Lions pack edible cookie dough in chocolate chip cookie dough flavor (fyi – taste like oatmeal chocolate chip cookie dough and taste best when left out on the kitchen counter for 15 minutes before eating)

wp-1478731969340.jpg wp-1478731963105.jpg wp-1478731947154.jpg

Also small side note – I hurt my Achilles tendon  and found a few alternative cardio workouts that do not require me to put any stress on my foot.  Due to this injury i have reduced all additional snacking that i would normally do.  I plan on recalculating my actual activity burn since i cannot due jump rope cardio for a week or so. If you would like for me to post about these alternative workouts please leave a comment below.

Keep a look out for New Halo Top flavor reviews to be posted soon. I have made plans to have ice cream for breakfast Saturday morning! Muhahahaha!


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