Cave Man Nutrition Bar Reviews

CaveMan Nutrition Bar
Label advises: Paleo Inspired, non-gmo, dairy free, gluten free, no peanuts

Dark Chocolate Cherry Nut
Macros: 40g 190cal 10F 21C 4P 2fiber
Smell: it smells like almonds, cranberry, and play dough?
Taste: can taste cranberries, light chocolate, sunflower seeds, and at the end i get the almonds.
Overall: the it is an all nut bar with a light coating of chocolate on the bottom, if you eat it with bottom side up you taste the chocolate more.
Tony Kent: is ok… too chewy and sticky for me… and don’t like cherries much

0916150653 0916150653a

Almond Cashew
Macros: 40g 210cal 14F 16C 6P 3fiber
Smell: it smells only of almonds
Taste: It taste like a slightly salty version of the maple nut bar minus the maple.
Overall: this is just a very simple all nuts and seeds bar and that is about it.
Tony Kent: I did not like this bar, it was too plain and too nutty,

Dark Chocolate Cashew Almond
Macros: 40g 210cal 14F 17C 5P 2fiber
Smell: it only smells of the dark chocolate which is delightful on its own
Taste: It a hard chewy crunchiness to it mainly since it is all nuts and seeds. i mainly taste sunflower, peanut, and almond. chocolate flavor goes away and just compliments the nuts just enough to add a little sweetness to the bar.
Overall: this is a good bar, tons of nuts i just wish the chocolate was more apparent.
Tony Kent: It is very good, tasty and surprisingly i feel energized after trying it.


Maple Nut
Macros: 40g 210cal 14F 16C 6P 3fiber
Smell: it has wonderful maple syrup smell and lightly of nuts
Taste: It like sunflower seeds,almond, and pumpkin seeds with a kiss of maple
Overall: it taste fine i just wish the maple was stronger. it is mainly nuts with just a little sweetness to it.
Tony Kent: It smells a lot more like maple than it tastes. I wish my nose was filled with this smell

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