WIAW What I eat in a day / Meal Prep for the week of 10/31/16

I am currently working on figuring out my body, slowly increasing my calories to see if i am under eating.  So far i have noticed that if i do not snack on anything extra, my weight stays the same, and the days i snack, i lose weight.  *Why must bodies be so difficult?*   Anyways, if any of the foods i will be showing below interest you please leave a comment and advise you would like to see the recipe or a review of the item. I will be working on reviews of any new foods i try though out the week.

Below is what I will be eating Monday through Friday.

Cutting to the chase now, i have a brief summery on how to decipher the meal nick names and when the food is actually consumed.

Breakfast is actually Breakfast consumed around 6:45am  at home after my fasted workout (I drink BCAA’s while I work out)
Lunch is usually consumed around 12pm while i continue to work and then i usually go for my walk at 12:30pm
Dinner is my post 100’s Challenge  meal/Dinner usually consumed before 6pm at home
2nd meal is actually consumed around 9am at work
6th meal is anything extra that i eat randomly throughout the day that i did not plan.


Breakfast will be a breakfast burrito (yes same breakfast as last week, i must say its scrumptious)


2nd meal – is a nice Variety of snacks.

Lunch is Spicy Turkey meatballs with sweet potato mashed potatoes that i wil be topping with peanut butter after i heat up the meal. (Trust me this is AMAZING!!!)

Dinner is going to be HI-Lo Cereal with EAS protein shake as my milk substitute.


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