Where I have been? Life Update!

Hello Everyone! Long time no see from me. The last few posts I had were my full day of eatings while I hunted for a job.  Sorry that I fell off the face of the earth.

Here is what has happened:

I had landed a job but only as a temporary agent which freaked me out since I needed to be permanent So I dedicated as much time and effort as I possibly could do until they offered me a permanent spot.

Good news! I got permanent! Only bad part was the company was at the middle of a corporate merger. So things got chaotic and I started working almost 24/7 to keep from drowning in work. I was having nervous breakdowns on an almost daily basis to where I was contemplating on quiting.  I shared my feelings with my boss and they adjusted my work load so that was more manageable.

I noticed that I had lost passion in posting and trying to keep up with new foods. I was also considering doing videos, but I don’t want to go through the pressure or scuitenty that youtubers deal with. I give them props for having a thick skin.   

Several friends and followers of this blog reached out to me asking how I was doing and missed my posts, which really touched me and are the reason for my posting today.

I think I am ready to return though I won’t be able to keep up with all new things but I can still keep record of the things that cross my path.  And I hope to share my weekly meal preps. 

I have officially canceled my love with food and UrthBox subscription boxes. The reason behind this is that I was not enjoying what I was receiving and gave 90% of it away. Also, I found a discount store with so many things to try.

So for a health update. I have gained 8-9lbs since March2016. I tried and quit an online coach since it did not live up to its promises of being personalized. I felt like I was out on a cookie cutter plan and work out routine that didn’t acknowledge my recent back injury. I had to go through special ways to get stuff updated and they never updated the app to match my changes. I gained most of my weight following their instructions. 

Since then I have been on the path of refiguring out my body and how it reacts to food since I went full IIFYM mode and went a little crazy with cheese. Which I am thinking I might of made my myself slightly lactose intolerant due to my cutting out majority of dairy foods for a long period of time.
Recently I experimented by switching up my meals so I stop eating dairy at night and I have seen results from thus instantly. I am also planning on switching up my macros based on the fact if I work out that day or not. This upcoming week will be week 2 of trying it out since last week it happened by mistake but seemed to have decent results.  I am also testing out the fact that my plateau is due to the fact that I am not eating enough.

Currently my routine is to workout 25 +/- min fasted when I wake up. Walk for 30min at lunch at work. Do 100 challenge when I get off work (100 pushups/bench presses due to back issues, 100 sit ups with punches, 100 jumping jacks and 100 mountain climbers) that I do in 4 sets of 25. 

Oh last but not least I cut off my hair.


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