SimplyProtein Bars Collection Reviews

Simply Protein Bars 

I purchased the items on Vita Cost since they were on sale plus any purchases over $49 is free.. Oh boy am i addicted to free shipping and discounts.. its like my birthday everyday XD.

Chocolate Caramel

Smell: it reminds me of nesquik chocolate powder
Taste unmodified: It is like a rice crispy treat but crunchier and less marshmallow, the chocolate flavoring is light and quite boring. i wish i threw this in with my ice cream i made or that they would of coated it in chocolate.
Overall: the bar is a nice treat when craving chocolate, though it would taste better covered in chocolate or peanut butter.  Also, warning…. halfway through the bar my jaw started hurting while chewing this bar.


Whey Bar – Apple Cinnamon

it smells lightly og apple and strongly of cinnamon
Taste unmodified: It is like a apple-jacks cereal crushed up and put into a rice crispy treat, then drowned in cinnamon.
Overall: this bar is good to me, though i love cinnamon, and at some parts i felt the cinnamon was a bit strong but not enough to turn me off (fyi – i would of had to of choked from it as if i took a spoon full of cinnamon in order for it to be too strong.) Would i eat this again?  yes, though i would probably put it in yogurt, ice cream or maybe even a form of milk.


Lemon Coconut
Smell: it smells like lemon cookies
Taste unmodified: It is like a very soft partly stale rice crispy treat with a good lemon flavor, you cannot taste the coconut at all but just have the added texture while chewing.
Overall: this bar is surprisingly good, though it would be better if the slight stale texture wasn’t there. Would i eat this again?  YES


Peanut Butter Chocolate
it smells like peanut butter
Taste unmodified: It is like a hard rice crispy treat that prodominatly taste of peanut butter with a hint of chocolate at the end, though there is a bit of a peanut shell aftertaste.
Overall: this bar is ok, not the best bar from the brand but not the worst either. would i eat this again… probably not.


In order from what I liked the most to least:
1: Lemon Coconut
2: Apple Cinnamon
3: Peanut Butter Chocolate
4: Chocolate Caramel


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