UE Series: WIAW What I eat in a day 3/13/2016

Welcome to my Unemployed What I eat in a day Series. I figured that i would do my best to track what i eat in a day for as many days as i can until I find a job. Today is day 13, I am a bit excited for my meeting tomorrow.  I am still sore in the legs but not as badly as yesterday. I decided to incorporate CoQ10 into my vitamins since i need to increase my blood pressure (88/45 can someone say walking dead?) along with keeping up with 3g L-carnitine and adding some salt to my foods though i am not a fan of the increase of water-weight.. but a girl got to do what a girl got to do to this safely.

Unlike my normal WIAW posts i normally do a print screen of my meals as i track them in Sparkpeople, though due to my routine disappearing i have just been throwing the foods i eat into whatever meal nickname without caring. I will just caption what the food is and if you want to know any specific details for any my meals; feel free to ask and I will happily provide you the information. I am an open book and look forward in connecting with you.

Now on with the food porn!

Meal 1: My husbands leftovers from 5 guys… though i removed the bun and added my own ketchup and spicy brown mustard….. and yes i know the pictures aren’t as cute as the normally would with the bun.

Meal 2: I wanted to make a taco salad that didn’t come out too pretty looking but tasted pretty darn good.  2 big handfuls of salad mix, black beans that i pureed and then heated, vegan sausage crumbles, cheese, and spicy guacamole.

Meal 3:  A whole.. yes WHOLE pan of protein black bean brownies!  i topped a few with peanut butter and drank a 1:1 ratio of Nutchello and EAS Advantage makes the Nutchello taste so much better) and finished off the greek yogurt (i used in the recipe) while i impatiently waited for the brownies to bake.

Meal 4: 3 pieces of turkey bacon that i made inside and egg white omelette that i topped with ketchup and spicy sweet potato fries.



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