UE Series: WIAW What I eat in a day 3/12/16

Welcome to my Unemployed What I eat in a day Series. I figured that i would do my best to track what i eat in a day for as many days as i can until I find a job.  Day 12! My body is super sore from my work out yesterday! woot.. even though i thought i was doing a crap job at it since i was weirdly overheating and doing my best to not pass out.. which is not normal for me to react first thing in the morning… ends up i was a bit sick from the food i had eaten the day before XD. BUt fun news i can barely walk….  .. Oh and some fun news… the temp agency called me to go into orientation on Monday.. so lets see how this goes! yaya!

Unlike my normal WIAW posts i normally do a print screen of my meals as i track them in Sparkpeople, though due to my routine disappearing i have just been throwing the foods i eat into whatever meal nickname without caring. I will just caption what the food is and if you want to know any specific details for any my meals; feel free to ask and I will happily provide you the information. I am an open book and look forward in connecting with you.

Now on with the food porn!

Meal 1:  Protein ice cream!!!! with mini reese’s bunnies, peanut butter, 0 cal caramel syrup, 0 cal chocolate dip, french toast crunch, and fat free whipped cream….. (strangely i normally make this only on the weekends.. why i have not done this all week baffles me!)

Wow got a little obsessed there…..

Meal 2: The last of my Arctic Zero Key lime Pie topped with Graham Cracker crumbs, caramel syrup and fat free whipped cream……and a chocolate caramel simply protein bar (which i will be doing a collection review which is why i didn’t post the review already….spoiler alert…. it is pretty bland and hurt my jaw while chewing it.)

Meal 4: I ordered Five Guys!!! a bunless little cheese burger with bell peppers, jalapenos, tomatoes, lettuce.. i added my own spicy brown mustard, ketchup, crushed red pepper and added some fries to it.. to make a very tasty burger salad.


Meal 5: Fruit leather and protein pancakes with butter spray and 0 calorie pancake syrup

Extra bonus non food pictures:

1: How i keep up with my water.. 40oz thermos!img_20160312_1416177692.jpg.jpg2: Only 1 side of my head phones decided to not work and this is the only way i can get both speakers to work.



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