UE Series: WIAW What I eat in a day 3/9/2016

Welcome to my Unemployed What I eat in a day Series. I figured that i would do my best to track what i eat in a day for as many days as i can until I find a job.  Today is day 9… I hit a bit of a rough spot with some bad news and said F it and went on a bit of a binge eating spree. If i have not mentioned it before, but i tend to eat my emotions away…. 😦

Unlike my normal WIAW posts i normally do a print screen of my meals as i track them in Sparkpeople, though due to my routine disappearing i have just been throwing the foods i eat into whatever meal nickname without caring. I will just caption what the food is. If you want to know any specific details for any my meals; feel free to ask and I will happily provide you the information. I am an open book and look forward in connecting with you.  Now on with the food porn!  ……

Meal 1: French Toast Crunch Cereal with EAS Advantage in french vanilla as my “milk”

Meal 2: Steam-able Sweet potatoes covered in peanut butter.

Meal 3: Salad with chicken, cheese, crushed red pepper and salsa ranch dressing

Meal 4: Mini home made wheat donuts (i only ate the chocolate part) and 1 oreo thins in mint (waste of money if you ask me.. super flimsy but has good flavor)

Meal 5: (the binge) i did not take pictures of everything i ate as i put it in a bowl.. since there was a lot of times where the food went from the pan to my hand to my face….. I had 1/4 of a baking sheet or cornbread, about 2 cups chili and roughly 150g homemade macaroni and cheese.


2 thoughts on “UE Series: WIAW What I eat in a day 3/9/2016

  1. I totally relate! I eat when I’m super emotional. I share this “F# ck it” attitude. I gained some weight because of it but…..ugh….. tomorrow is a new day.
    I hope you feel more centered and in control. Best wishes!

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