Dove Dark Chocolate Raspberry Sorbet Bar Review

Dove Dark chocolate Raspberry Sorbet Bar
(box says go to but the site doesn’t work)

Price chopper for $4.99  (this was the only item i bought at full price on my grocery trip)



Taste: It is A-MAZING! It was foodgasmic for me, the dark chocolate was on point and the raspberry sorbet made me just fall in love on how smooth and rich in taste. This bar encompasses what i have been looking in a candy bar, the raspberry is sweet and the dark chocolate is lightly bitter, the combination of the two make it perfect balance.

Overall: the bar is too darn small!!!!!!!!! I want more of it and i want it now! I have to say this taste so  so so good. This is something amazing and you should give it a try as a treat to yourself. They also have it in milk chocolate, though i love me some dark chocolate, i have not looked into the other flavors they have but if they have a combination of your favorite fruit and type of chocolate you prefer… i’d say give it a try….. i know i am not regretting it at all.



3 thoughts on “Dove Dark Chocolate Raspberry Sorbet Bar Review

  1. I only wish the sorbet was better quality. The chocolate outside is awesome and raspberry is a great flavor combo. However , the raspberry flavor is very artificial. It’s like biting into perfume.


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