UE Series: WIAW What I eat in a day 3/7/2016

Welcome to my Unemployed What I eat in a day Series. I figured that i would do my best to track what i eat in a day for as many days as i can until I find a job.  I went through a rough spot and pretty much went crazy with my eating and then lost all drive to work out. So as of Tuesday March 1st,2016 I started following PIYO work out and cut my calories down from roughly 1800 down to 1600 due to my drop in activity. These Calories are my maintenance calories so i don’t plan on having my weight fluctuate very much.

*Update on my job hunt…it has been officially 7 days since my last day of work…. today i had an interview and signed up for a temp agency. My fingers are crossed on hopes of a good outcome!

Unlike my normal WIAW posts i normally do a print screen of my meals as i track them in Sparkpeople, though due to my routine disappearing i have just been throwing the foods i eat into whatever meal nickname without caring. I will just caption what the food is and the ending macros for each meal  following this set up: Cals C/F/P.

If you want to know any specific details for any my meals; feel free to ask and I will happily provide you the information. I am an open book and look forward in connecting with you.  Now on with the food porn!  …… Below is What I consumed today.

Meal 1: Lenny & Larry’s Double chocolate cookie heated up and topped with a mixture of pb2 and cellucor peanut butter marshmallow protein powder.  (485cal 61/13/28)

Meal 2: 2 slices of Digiorno stuffed crust pizza topped with crushed red pepper and grated Parmesan (395cal 42/18/20)

Meal 3: a lot of Butterball turkey bacon and large protein pancake topped with walden farms pancake syrup and spray butter. (390cal 6/21/47)

Meal 4: Beltsander brownie (aka mug cake)  topped with fat free whipped cream (276cal 21/6/38)

Grand total for the day: 1547cal 130/58/132



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