UE Series: WIAW What I eat in a day 3/5/2016

Welcome to my Unemployed What I eat in a day Series. I figured that i would do my best to track what i eat in a day for as many days as i can until I find a job.  I went through a rough spot and pretty much went crazy with my eating and then lost all drive to work out. So as of Tuesday March 1st,2016 I started following PIYO work out and cut my calories down from roughly 1800 down to 1600 due to my drop in activity. These Calories are my maintenance calories so i don’t plan on having my weight fluctuate very much.

Unlike my normal WIAW posts i normally do a print screen of my meals as i track them in Sparkpeople, though due to my routine disappearing i have just been throwing the foods i eat into whatever meal nickname without caring. I will just caption what the food is and the ending macros for each meal  following this set up: Cals C/F/P.

If you want to know any specific details for any my meals; feel free to ask and I will happily provide you the information. I am an open book and look forward in connecting with you.  Now on with the food porn!  …… Below is What I consumed and happily did not share! 😛

Meal 1: Lenny & Larry’s Double Chocolate Chip Cookie (406cal 56/12/15)

Meal 2: Spicy Sausage Omelette with Jalapeno Cheese topped with ketchup (299cal 5/16/30)

Meal 3: Apple with peanut butter and a Salted Caramel greek yogurt (291cal 39/8/19)


Meal 4: Protein Peanut Butter and Jelly Pancake Sandwich (452cal 26/16/54)

Meal 5: Spicy sausage egg white omelette with mozzarella cheese topped with ketchup  (153cal 4/5/22)

Grand Total for the day : 1600cal 129/57/140

PS.. Yes this is in real time and what I consumed today 3/5/2016.





7 thoughts on “UE Series: WIAW What I eat in a day 3/5/2016

  1. Excell sheet. Darn auto correct. But initially it is based on my weight, height, age and gender that determines my resting energy usage that my body needs to function and then that amount is multiplied by my activity level which comes out with a rough estimate on how much I can eat in a day based on my goal I have set for myself. And right now I don’t want to gain weight or lose weight. So i am trying to keep at the weight I am at.


      • Sure. Not sure if you want to do the calculations yourself or I can give you a link to a site that I use as a basis for the formula I use. You can go to http://www.iifym.com and use their calculations it covers everything you will need and you can customize it to your goals.


      • Let me know if you have any questions bout the iifym calculator. It goes over all the items needed to figure out your maintenance calories. It will actually give you both calories you need to properly sustain your body in order to function properly and it will ask you what your normal activity level is and then give you the amount of calories you would need to maintain or lose weight. Though when you do decide you want to lose weight don’t eat less than the calories needed for your body to function properly…its not a safe route to go.


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