Hemp Heart Bar Chocolate Review

Hemp Heart Bar Chocolate
Dietary Needs:
Kosher, Vegan, non-gmo


Smell: it reminds me of prunes and dates (husband says it smells fermented)
Taste unmodified: It is BAD, I think dirt probably taste better than this. It has a weird texture between a soft cookie and mush. It is a bit flavorless except the very unappealing flavor i am having trouble describing.  I was tempted to spit out what i had bitten, but i grinned and bared it and finished consuming the bite.  After deliberation, the bar tasted like rancid unsweetened chocolate that went bad yet stayed solid and then once bitten into it turns to mush.  Sorry for the gruesome details but DAMN! I checked the expiration date.. and it doesn’t expire until October 2016.

Overall: the bar was so bad it gave me the chills, my body shook in disgust while i forced myself to finish the bite. Please do not torture yourself by trying this or waste your money.  Would i buy this again? NO! and i would have lose a bet to eat this again.



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