Good Greens Bar Chocolate Raspberry Review

Good Greens Chocolate Raspberry
Dietary needs:
Gluten free and vegan

Smell: it smells like dark chocolate and a mix of berries (since i cannot pinpoint which one)
Taste unmodified: It taste like dates with berries, there is not much of a chocolate flavor.  The strength of the berries overpower everything, after i took a few more bites i was able to pinpoint the berry that commands over all the other flavors and it is Goji berry.  The texture is not bad at all it is like biting into a Musketeers candy bar but with crunchy bits mixed through it.

Taste heated: It taste better! The chocolate coating melted and brought forth the taste of the chocolate that was missing.  The raspberry finally showed its face to the party and i smiled, because i bought this bar because i wanted to taste chocolate and raspberry….obviously!

Overall: the bar taste best heated, yes its a bit more messy, but that doesn’t stop me, just means that there is some extra chocolate to enjoy after i finished off the bar. Would i buy this again… I am not sure since i am trying to find perfect raspberry chocolate bar, but I would not mind eating it again.




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