NuGO Slim Raspberry Truffle Protein Bar Review

NuGo Slim Raspberry Truffle Protein bar dipped in dark chocolate 

Dietary needs: Gluten Free

Smell: it has a very light raspberry scent
Taste unmodified: It has the texture of a crunch bar. The chocolate is a bittersweet dark chocolate (maybe 70+ cocoa is what it taste like to me) with a nice amount of raspberry flavor.  The raspberry flavoring appears to be a bit sweetened since raspberries tend to be a bit bitter on there own and the does not taste overly bitter. (I am not a bitter fan at all if it didn’t taste right i would not of finished the bar XD)

Overall: the bar was tasty though it had a slight aftertaste but it was the same kind of aftertaste you get when you eat chocolate with a higher percentage of Cocoa. Would i eat this again? YES, in a heartbeat!




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