MyProtein Cookie White Chocolate Almond Review

MyProtein Cookie

White Chocolate Almond

Macros: 75g 320cal 10F 20C 37.5P 1fiber

Smell: it reminds me of artificial vanilla mixed a little with almonds. (Does this smell like chloroform?)
Taste unmodified: It very dry, dense and has a strong almond extract flavor. There is a slight oiliness to the outside of the cookie. Topped it with peanut butter after to see if it made it better, it did make a slight improvement in the flavor but not much.

Taste heated: After 10 seconds, it made the cookie much softer and easier too eat, the flavor upgraded a little to a sugar cookie with almond extract and the oiliness got worst.I topped it with peanut butter and it had the same slight improvement.
Overall: This is best eaten heated, the flavor and texture taste its best warmed up though i was not a fan of the amount of oil that came off it. Below you will see a picture of the oil that was left behind.

I really want to try the Chocolate Orange Cookie, though i will have to wait for the cookies to go on sale again or find someone who is willing to go halves-ies on an order with me, but due to recent circumstances, that might be a long time. 😦

In order from what i liked most to least:
1:  MyProtein Brownie Chocolate Chip
2: Double Chocolate Chunk Cookie
3: Chocolate Mint Cookie
4: White Chocolate Almond (because of the oiliness, otherwise it would be #3)





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