Atkins Chicken with Cheese and Bean Burrito

Atkins Chicken with Cheese and Bean Burrito


Smell: it smells like taco seasoning mixed with been and cheese.
Taste: the tortilla is very hard to chew (you can feel how hard it is in your hands), the chicken is a bit chewy but not off putting at all, the bean and cheese pretty much taste as it would be expected. There is no spice to this so if you like spicy food, prepare to use your own hot sauce.If you like to have sour cream on you burritos you will have to add it yourself, i used plain nonfat greek yogurt as a healthier substitute.
Overall: the burrito tasted fine, though i would only open 1 side of the package before heating and not open both sides as the instructions advise since it caused the tortilla to harden making it hard to chew and enjoy properly. the only other disappointing part of this is that there is not enough filling in it (wheres the chicken?!?!). The burrito deflated a little in my hands. ¬†Would i eat this again? YES, the macros were not that bad plus it gave me the opportunity to have a burrito that i didn’t have to completely make on my own, so it saved me about 40 minutes though only thing i lost was the ability to control how much sodium is in the food.

Below you will see pictures of the burrito in and outside of the wrapper, the cooking instructions, the burrito weighed while frozen and after it is cooked, and an unflattering picture of me trying to bit into the burrito.


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