Cellucor Protein Powder Collection Review

Cellucor Protein Powder

Strawberry Milkshake
Macros: 34g 1.5F 3C 25P 1fiber
Smell: it smells like strawberry
Powder taste: It has a nice strawberry flavor to it
Taste as a Beltsander: It cooked perfectly in 88 seconds, great texture, though at the very bottom of the bowl i got a tinny bit of a bad taste to it. not sure if it was because it was not mixed all the way, but the everything else was great.
Overall: it this is a very good strawberry flavor. i have tried other in the past that taste a bit like medicine and i am glad this did not have that issue.

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Molten Chocolate
Macros: 34g 130cal 1.5F 3C 25P 2fiber
Smell: it smells like chocolate – derp lol
Powder taste: It taste great on its own, wonderful chocolate flavor
Taste as a Beltsander: It is by far my favorite chocolate protein powder so far. It cooked wonderfully in 88 seconds and came out great, moist, and had the lava cake outcome to it.
Overall: it i love this flavor, i was having a bad day and it just made me smile. but then again chocolate has always had that effect on me. but in all honesty it absolutely crushed Trutein Chocolate Truffle Protein Powder in the sand, which i have been using for years.  .

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Cinnamon Swirl
Macros: 34g 130cal 1.5F 3C 25P 0fiber
Smell: it smells like cinnamon french toast cereal
Powder taste: It vanilla with hint of cinnamon kind of like cake batter in a way
Taste as a Beltsander: It is nuked for 77 sec top is a bit dry, bottom is moist, the cinnamon flavor is not to bad, its light but it is there. Not as sweet as trutein, but it also doesn’t have the powdery texture to it as trutein does.
Overall: it t.

1007151845 1007151845a

Cookies N Cream
Macros: 35g 130cal 1.5F 4C 25P 1fiber
Smell: it smells like artificial sweetener
Powder taste: It has a faint similarity to the inside of an oreo
Taste as a Beltsander: It is nuked for 77sec part of it came out very dry and part of it is very moist. though as for the flavor it went away. i will try this as a shake in hopes for better flavor.
Taste as Shake: 4oz with 20g and 3 ice cubes, it taste like sugar free oreo cookies blended together. it is not very sweet and a bit disappointing.
Taste as Ice cream: It was suprisingly great!! wonderfully sweet and tasted like strawberry flavored cookies and cream ice  cream. YUM!
Overall: I would ony buy this flavor to make ice cream, other than that i would pass on this flavor.

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Peanut Butter Marshmallow 
Macros: 34g 130cal 1.5F 3C 25P 0fiber
Smell: it smells like peanut butter cookie
Powder taste: It has light peanut flavor
Taste as a Beltsander: It is a bit dry and hard on to and soft moist lava cake texture on the bottom, nuked for 77 seconds, the peanut flavor is light and you have to look for it a bit. i prefer trutein peanut butter marshmallow cookie. though i shall try this as a shake also.
Overall: it tasted great, i would say it is head to head with trutein, so whichever one is on sale i will defiantly stock up on since i am addicted to peanut butter and jelly and peanut butter protein is a must have in my book..

1006151704  1006151704a

Whipped Vanilla
Macros: 33g 120cal 1.5F 3C 25P 1fiber
Smell: it smells like vanilla beans so it appears to be promising.
Powder taste: It had a decent vanilla taste though i want to see how it comes out besides tasting the powder fresh from the package,
Taste as a Beltsander: I never got to do since i loved it so much as a pancake, i used up all servings in pancakes. Though i will order more in this flavor to try different ways,
Taste as a pancake: It made the pancake flavor neutral with a small hint of vanilla which wasn’t that bad. the pancake came out tasting like a normalish tasting pancake.
Overall: it tasted pretty good. i got overzealous in making a ton of zucchini pancakes using Vanilla flavor, next time i do hope in trying it in beltsander, shake, and ice cream form.


In order from what I liked the most to least:
1: Chocolate Molten Lava
2: Strawberry
3: Peanut Butter Marshmallow
4:Cinnamon swirl
5: Whipped Vanilla
6: Cookies N Cream


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