PEScience Select Protein Powder Collection review

 PEScience Select Protein Powder  (gluten free)
Just to start things off i ordered 1 serving sized samples and I received 1/2 serving sized samples which is upsetting for being charged $1.49. I will be trying them in different ways since there is not enough powder in order to try them i wanted.

I have been sitting on this review for a while due to my lack of pictures with is more upsetting to me rather than to you. Though I still want to share how these flavors tasted to me. Please excuse the format since it is not up to par as i would prefer it to be. One thing i can definitely advise based off my experience using the powder in many different ways is that PES is great for baking and used in making pancakes and mug cakes.  It has been one of the best powders i have worked with.

Macros: 16g 60cal 1F 3C 12P 1fiber
Smell: it smells like chocolate and caramel
Taste as a Shake: it taste like vanilla caramel fudge but in liquid form. This taste amazing!
Overall: it tasted great! sad i only got a sample, but next time they have a sale i plan on getting more.

Cookies N’ Cream
Macros: 16g 55cal <1F <1C 12P <1fiber
Taste as a Shake: I used 4oz silk, 3 ice cubes and 16.5g powder. It is semi sweet vanilla flavor (could be the representation of the cream inside a cookie) that is chased with a faint cookie taste that i am getting mixed with a tiny hint of coffee.Don’t worry the coffee flavor doesn’t taste bad to me and I don’t like the taste of coffee. (gasp) Prepare for another gasp, but i was able to convince my husband to take a sip…(gasp).. he says that its taste more like the cream inside of an oreo than the cookie.
Overall: Shake version i was not too fond of even though it is tiny bit sweeter than Cellucor’s version.

1010151709a 1010151709b

Macros: 15.5g 55cal <1F <1C 12P <1fiber
Smell: it smells like cinnamon and sugar (the basic smell of a snickerdoodle cookie)
Powder taste: It taste like a snickerdoodle cookie
Taste as a shake: The packet had 16.2g powder, i used 4.23oz silk vanilla unsweetened almond milk and 3 ice cubes. It is very sweet as if this is snickerdoodle french vanilla ice cream
Overall: it is great tasting and would be great to use in making cookies. I really wish i was given the correct size so i could of tried it as a beltsander. This also blows Trutein Cinnabun out of the water.
Taste as a beltsander: it is still very sweet, though the snickerdoodle flavor does not come out until right before you swallow. I still really like this flavor and think it would be great in a cookie or donut recipe.

1003151731a 1003151731

1010151046 1010151046a

Milk Chocolate
Macros: 16g 55cal <1F <1C 12P <1fiber
Smell: it smells like milk chocolate ( geeze this feels redundant sometimes)
Taste as a Beltsander: It taste very good, super sweet, and wonderful. i really enjoyed this and found the chocolate to be just as good as cellucor molten chocolate flavor.
Overall: it tasted good but part of me still favors cellucor’s flavor but if i had to go with quality with baking then this would win.

1108151333 1108151333a

Peanut Butter Cup
Macros: 16g 60cal .5F 2C 11.5P <.5fiber
Smell: it smells like powdered peanut butter.
Taste as a Beltsander: It is close has a lighter flavor than the shake and taste more like peanut butter with hint of chocolate.
Taste as a Shake: very sweet, taste like peanut butter cup with some extra peanut butter .
Overall: it has good flavor and taste good as a sweet treat. i plan on trying it out in ice cream recipe, though i would rather just go to a full on peanut butter flavor than have the mix when it comes to making pancakes.

1025150958a 1025150958b

Macros: 16g 60cal .5F 2C 11.5P <.5fiber
Smell: it smells like vanilla.
Powder taste: It has very light vanilla flavoring
Taste as a Pancakes: It is great as a baking protein, it was not sweet at all and cooked well. I think this would be perfect as a base when baking and you are not looking for extra flavor to take over the desired item.

In order from what I liked the most to least:
1: Snickerdoodle
2: Blondie
3:Peanut Butter Cup
5: Milk Chocolate
6: Cookies N cream


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