TVP Experiment

So a few weeks ago i was strolling my favorite section of the grocery store .. CLEARANCE section XD and found a bag of TVP for $1.50 and figure why the H. not. I have no clue what it is but i can always find out and at worst i would be out less than $2.

In organizing my cabinets, i notice the bag is to go bad in May so i need to try this soon. I looked online and found 3 recipes that fit my favorite recipes: Cookies, Oatmeal, and pizza!

TVP Cookies!

First batch came out great nice, fluffy, with a small tiny hint of crunchy bits through it which was not off putting at all. My second batch came out very flat and the crunchy parts were more apparent…. i think it might of been difference in protein powders since my first batch (pictured below) is with PES and my second was with Cellucor (i did not photograph) that came out like little plates which would of been perfect to make whoppi pies.

TVP Pizza


I followed the recipe pretty close to exact, where in other cauliflower pizza recipes require heating and straining the cauliflower. It was super easy! plus no burning myself! Double bonus points! I used frozen cauliflower that i let defrost over night in the fridge…..not like i pre-planed this XD.  Ad you can see below with the pictures the picture completely filled up the circular baking sheet and as it baked it shrunk and showed that i spread the crust mixture too thin. I added some extra work to get the crust completely off the pan and then re-sprayed the pan with pam and put the crust back on and did my best with putting toppings on it. I put the pizza back in for 10 minutes to melt the cheese. Afterwards the pizza crust was super flimsy mainly since i spread it way too thin XD. I plan on giving the crust recipe again this upcoming weekend. The pizza crust tasted just fine, just like normal crust, i just need to perfect its thickness. XD


TVP Oatmeal


I put a lid gently on my normal oatmeal bowl and cooked it on high for 2 min 30 seconds, which ended up being a little too long. The water bubbled over and i had to clean up a small puddle in the microwave, though the TVP smelled really weird i put cinnamon and flax in with it when i added the water) but i was going to continue with this adventure. I stirred the mixture and put it back in for 10 minutes on level 5 power. Once it was done, the TVP had absorbed all of the water and i transferred it into a smaller bowl which was very disappointing to me. I am used to making growing oatmeal and having a huge portion. I then added peanut butter stirring it in completely and then topping it with jelly. I love making PB&J foods. The TVP oatmeal was in-between oatmeal and cream of wheat where it is mushy but chunky all at once. the tvp took on the flavors perfectly, my only problem with it was that it did not fill me up as my normal oatmeal does. Though i plan on trying this again with a bit of oatmeal mixed into to see if the satiation filling will change.



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