Power Crunch Crisp Bar Reviews + Bonus

Power Crunch Crisp 

Chocolate Brownie Wonder
img_20160104_0658426272.jpg.jpgSmell: it reminds me of a sugar free oreo mixed with German chocolate cake
Taste unmodified: It has a grainy coconut texture that taste like german chocolate cake. it is semi-sweet with light chocolate flavor and makes a crumbly mess.
Taste heated (work): It taste more like an oreo and the coconut taste and texture went away. The frosting melted a little but it still taste good.
Overall: the bar taste good and can be eaten either warm or cold, if you like german chocolate cake then this is perfect for you. If i was craving a brownie substitute, this would not be my first choice.


Salted Caramel Escape
img_20160104_0700228982.jpg.jpgSmell: it smells primarily of light vanilla with a a hint of salt and caramel
Taste unmodified: the texture  reminds me of a condensed rice crispy treat that has caramel flavoring through it. It is pleasantly sweet and the caramel is very apparent and infused throughout the entire bar. I say it is pretty close to perfect, some spots you taste the salt which enhances the caramel flavor.
Taste heated (work): It smells and taste the almost the same, though the caramel taste a bit burnt and the caramel coating held up well and didn’t melt that much.
Overall: this bar is a very nice treat and i really enjoyed this for a Salted Caramel addiction. I still have to try the original and see which one taste better.


Power Crunch Original – Salted Caramel
Smell: it smells strongly of caramel……mmmm ❤
Taste unmodified: It has the texture of a wafers and has an amazing caramel taste. If i was blind folded i would swear that this was the real deal minus the actual caramel gooey-ness.
Overall: the flavor is close to perfection, the one issue i have with the bar is that it falls apart easily and the outer coating melts a little too quickly (and i have cold hands all the time) which i don’t mind licking my fingers, but i would not suggest eating this while driving.  ** This one taste better than the crisp but i would still eat both XD


Final Thoughts:  I really enjoyed these and realized that there is a big difference in the nutritional break down that is targeted to be able to fit in people diets. The Crisp bars are targeted towards people who consume High Carb/Low Fat diets while the Original bar is for those who are Low Carb/High Fat  and either bar would work fine if someone is carb cycling.  Another fun fact is that these are full of flavor, they could be a great alternative to eating candy bars for those who are just starting their weight loss journey and are still working with struggles on resisting temptation. With this anyone can have one and not feel guilty.


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