Chex Chips Reviews

Chex Chips
Found: Price Chopper and Weis  Clearance Section

Cheddar Jalapeno

Smell: it has wonderful jalapeno and cheese smell reminds me of nachos
Taste unmodified: It has amazing spice and cheese flavor to it that does not have an artificial taste to it. I was genuinely surprised that these had a better cheese taste than some of the “organic” and “no artificial flavor” cheese items i have eaten.
Overall: these are amazing, they are oversize chex pieces hat remind you of the original 3d Doritos.  I hope these are not discontinued because they are so good!



Cinnamon Sugar
Smell: it has light cinnamon scent
Taste unmodified: It has light cinnamon and sugar flavor that is not overly sweet. These are not the best eaten alone, though these are great being mixed into a protein fluff bowl.
Overall: these are ok, though i get the urge to pour milk over them, these would be best eaten in a mix, or mixed in with ice cream, pudding, or fluff in order to add a bit of a crunch to the snack.



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