OZ Naturals Ocean Mineral Cleanser Review

Got my second Brand Backer Campaign!! In keeping everything completely honest with you: I was given a code that covered the cost of the item and I paid for the shipping upfront with advisory that I would be reimbursed back for shipping costs.

OZ Naturals Ocean Mineral Cleanser

You can order this from Amazon.com for  $22.49 + $5.48 for shipping if you do not have Amazon prime. You can also check out amzn.to/1PXsG7S  to see more products from OZ Naturals.

First and foremost! Basic information about the brand:
OZ Naturals advises that they are  a leader in natural skincare and formulate effective anti aging products. OZ Naturals products are cruelty-free, paraben free, sulfate free, mineral oil free, lanolin free and gluten free.

Amazon.com advises the following about the product: ( The following is literally copied and pasted.)

About the Product
  • CRUELTY FREE formula does not contain alcohol, parabens or sulfates and is safe for all skin types – This face cleanser an extremely effective skin cleanser you’ll want to add to your natural skin care regimen.
  • MADE IN THE USA in a state of the art FDA registered facility – OZ Naturals formulates the most effective anti aging skin care products on the market – OZ Naturals products work & they work extremely well – This natural face cleanser will provide your skin a more vibrant appearance upon 1st use – We guarantee you’ll get results!
  • NATURAL & ORGANIC facial cleanser is considered to be the highest quality skin cleanser on the market.
  • POWERFUL INGREDIENTS include rosehip oil, rich ocean minerals & vitamin e – this formulation was developed to specifically be gentle on sensitive skin yet highly potent and effective at dissolving nasty particles that clog your pores.
  • THIS FACE WASH is guaranteed to gently cleanse your skin and clear clogged pores naturally & effectively – this cleanser will provide your skin with that healthy, youthful glow.

My Review:
Initial thoughts before trying the product: To be honest, I don’t wash my face too often, i wash it when it feels oily, or if i had touched my face way too much during the day. Though if i had an intense work out and sweat a lot then i will wash my face. I tend to buy whatever is recommended to me. Based on the information about all the benefits and effects this has on skin I am excited to give it a try on my face and maybe some other sensitive skin areas i have.

Packaging: The box and the bottle cut straight to the chase on on it being cruelty free to animals, ingredients, and directions.
Basic observations:  These is no smell to the face wash. The product is clear and is very “watery” so be careful when pouring into your hand, you don’t need that much pressure on the tube.
First Use:  I decided to wash my face after i noticed a little friend appearing on above my eyebrow.  I lathered the soap and washed my face. As you can see in the picture below you really cannot see the white later that the soap makes since it disappears very fast. I finished rinsing off the soap and patted my skin dry, my face felt refreshed and clean. Less than an hour after i washed my face, my skin felt like it was tightening up and a bit dry. though when touching my face it was soft.  Since it is winter time i decided that i would moisturize a bit and put on some of my OZ Naturals Ultra Ageless Eye Creme which really hit the spot XD.

 Second use: I used the face wash after my morning work out and had the exact same feeling and sensations as the first time, though my skin did not feel as dry.

Third Use:  I was getting excited that i had made it 3 days without getting soap in my eyes but i was wrong. I washed my face at work and during my lathering process  i breathed out through my nose while i was spreading the soap creating a massive bubble that burst into my eye. *sigh* I am truly accident prone… but good news is that it only burned for 1 second and my eye never turned red! I am in love!

See NO red eye, though i do look cross-eyed lol.

Overall: This product made my face feel tighter without drying out. Though the winter season has been torture on my skin. Though this soap has been great and has made me feel very refreshed. The part that impressed me the most was that it did not have a negative reaction when i got it in my eye. I plan on getting more when this runs out!

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