Oh Yeah! Bar Collection Review


Cookie Caramel Crunch 


Smell: like cheap milk chocolate and nuts
Taste unmodified: It is chewy from the “cookie” that is on the inside and crunchy to where i almost hurt my teeth from how hard the nuts are. the caramel adds a creaminess to it but you really cant taste the caramel.
Overall: this bar is a disappointment and i had to eat it slowly in fear of breaking a tooth on the nuts. I now understand why this was rated as a Nuclear Waste Zone type of bar.

  • “Tier 5: The Nuclear Waste Zone — Do. Not. Put. Into. Body. These bars are complete garbage, either due to a poor nutritional profile or an overabundance of artificial ingredients and sweeteners. They should NEVER go into your body; you’d be better off with a McD’s Quarter-Pounder.”

Almond Fudge Brownie


Smell: like chocolate and nuts
Taste unmodified: It is very crunchy from nuts, has a chewy center that adds a creaminess to it. the milk chocolate coating is alright, though the quality of chocolate could be better.
Overall: the bar taste fine, nothing mind blowing nor amazing to make me want to purchase this over

Chocolate & Caramel
Smell: like cheap chocolate
Taste unmodified: It is very bland and crunchy, the chocolate leaves little to be desired. the nuts taste a bit stale and the caramel flavor there but not as strong as i would prefer. the caramel does add a creaminess to the bar but taste like very old caramel with a slight aftertaste.
Overall: the bar sucked. i was tempted to just not finish it but i don’t like to waste food. after i finished the bar my teeth and the roof of my mouth felt like they got assaulted from how rough this was to chew.


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