Obsession with Diet Plans and Math

First and foremost i have nothing against any weight loss plans or popular fitness / weight loss experts. I am just very wary on if the information that is provided to the masses to follow blindly. I just like to be well informed before i settle on trying out one thing.

So it was recently pointed out to me that i am a bit obsessed with double checking the Nutritional Guidelines that popular diets provide.  As of recently I decided to calculate exactly how much these diet plans are actually advising people to eat.

The main driving force behind this is that i have truly become awakened to the fact that you do not have to starve yourself in order to lose weight, and I thought to myself… “If i were to follow these plans to a T based on serving recommendations and if in fact the amount the diet is telling you to eat really adds up.”

Below are photos of my chicken scratch on the nutritional information i was able to find online using google-foo on Extreme Transformation Diet and PIYO.  I might try this with other ones but these were the first 2 that this idea came to me.

Extreme Transformation:


These are the calorie guidelines on how to create your own meals

I took the guidelines above and used them to figure out the calorie ranges for males and females and then put in the macros C/F/P for the female variation.  If you google images for “Chris Powell Carb Cycle Calories” it advises Woman Low Carb Days = 1200 cal /HIgh Carb Days = 1500 Cal and Men Low Carb days = 1500 cal / High Carb Days =2000cal.

In the image below it shows that Womans High Carb day = 1620 cal (120 cal difference)/ Low Carb day = 1470 (270 cal difference) and Mens High Carb day = 2170 cal (170 cal difference)/ Low Carb day = 2020 (520 cal difference). So to me these totals are above the calorie amounts that advised to be consumed which i am fine with. Though 1 question came to my mind and it was regarding the calories/macros coming from the vegetables. So if someone was following macros it wouldn’t be difficult to follow and find a way to fit in the 8 servings of veggies that are required, but what about those who are just starting off and have not educated themselves about nutritional value of all food? The guide on how to make your own meal would appear that veggies are a free-for-all since they have their own category and are not given a caloric guideline.  So to me if someone followed the meal guide and then followed the serving requirement could easily cause an individual to “over-eat” and slow their weight loss since they did not incorporate the veggies into the original calorie goals for carbs. 201601302043471000.jpg

Now for Beachbody Piyo where i just google image searched “piyo food list” and got the following information.


One thing i like about the information above is that they provided calorie ranges for Fruit, Veggies, Carbs, Fats, and Proteins.  This way it makes it easier to fit in fruit and veggies into daily consumption for those who doesn’t typically eat them (pointing a finger at myself). The meal plan provides 4 plans with different calorie ranges and serving suggestions along with the advisement that the macro split is 40% Carbs, 35% Proteins and 25% Fats.

In the image below it shows that the calorie amounts add up and pretty much are on point which i was impressed with at first… BUT when i broke down the servings to fit IIFYM i noticed that the macro ratio was WAY off and i found that the Fats too low and Proteins are extremely high (and that is something for me to say since i know that i could not even reach the protein requirements for plans C & D).

In putting the macro Ratio in C/P/F format you can see that i wrote out what the macros should be for the lowest calorie ranges for each plan if they actually were 40/35/25 and what the “actual” ratio is when following servings requirement.
Plan A = 41/47/12  Plan B = 37/49/14  Plan C = 38/50/12  Plan D = 38/51/11   which shows the only macro even close to the “advised” macro ratio are the carbs.

So if you were to restructure Meal plan A to be the ratio there should be 120g/480cal Carbs  105g/420 cal Protein and 34g/306 cal Fats.  Thus breaking it down into servings sizes:

1: I would keep Fruits (2 serv) the same (140cal /35g Carbs) = 85g/340cal Carbs left
2: Proteins of 105g/420cal =  3 Servings
3: Fats of 34g/306cal = 6 servings
4: In keeping with the trend in having 2 serv of Secondary Veggies & Grains = 190cal/ 47.5g used. thus 340-190=150cal Carbs left for veggies
5: Last but not least Veggies use up the last of the carbs = 3.75 Servings which can be rounded up to 4 Serv of Primary Veggies.
6: Double check totals 160cal Veggies(4) + 190cal Second Veg/Grain(2) + 300cal Fat(6) + 420cal Protein (3) + 140cal Fruit (2) = 1210 calories  = Success!!  YAYAYA!!


So am i nuts or am i correct in double checking the math before jumping into a diet? Maybe i am ocd or just paranoid? or could this be too much time on my hands that  i have actually taken the time to notice these faults?  Either way i hope you enjoyed this sneak peak on how i look at popular diet plans.

If there is a diet plan that you would want the numbers checked please comment below and link it to me and i will happily go through the calculations to see if the numbers add up.


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