Raspberry Madness

I love love love Dark Chocolate Raspberry. Luckily it appears that this season is the time of Raspberry flavored Items!!!  I think i like to punish myself by following sites that post new food finds.  I must show you my food porn of the items i will WILL eventually get my hands on! XD  Though when i do get these i will enjoy eating them slowly and in moderation making sure i fit them into my macros or as i like to do to make sure I get to eat them no matter what…. Desert for breakfast!! YUM




2014 though i have not seen it but i was not looking XD.

magnum also has the infinity that is actually shown on their website .


Got it, Tried it..*spoiler alert* not impressed…. though full review will be later.. 

What other Raspberry items have you seen that you are interested in? What items have you had in the past that were discontinued?

I know that they used to have Dove dark Chocolate Raspberry swirl promises that were heavenly but no longer around *cries*


Come back to me!!!!!!!

There used to be M&M’s dark chocolate raspberry that i missed out on 😦


I think Newmans own raspberry filled chocolate cups are still around.. these are addictive, though i haven’t seen them for a while.


Warning!! Addicting! XD

Luckily Brookside Chocolate covered raspberry & Goji berries are still around but a bit costly for me, but still AMAZING!


Old Faithful and still around….also ADDICTING!!!!!!! 


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