Evolve Kefir Greek Probiotic Strawberry Yogurt Review


Evolve Kefir Greek Probiotic Yogurt

Flavor: Strawberry
Cost: Found at Walmart for $1.48
Macros: 150g 120cal 1.5Fat 17C 13P 0fiber (13sugars)
Label Advises: Gluten-free, Kosher, 100billion +cultures per serv

img_20160107_1410440302.jpg.jpgSmells: Like yogurt with a hint of strawberry
Taste: It has nice strawberry chunks in it. The texture is rich and creamy that is a bit tart. It strength of the strawberry closely resembles that of dipping a half ripe strawberry in yogurt.  As you work your way through the container a slight lemon tang comes forward at the end of every bite.
Overall: I enjoyed eating this and love the fact that it has probiotics in it, but the sugars are too high.  I typically don’t go over 7g of sugar per serving in my normal food choices.  This was a good buy and i am happy I gave it a try.


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