Chobani Simply 100 Crunch Strawberry Chocolate Truffle Greek Yogurt Review


Chobani Simply 100 Crunch 
Flavor: Strawberry Chocolate Truffle

Cost: Found at Walmart for $1.48?
Macros: 119g 100cal 1.5Fat 14C 10P 2fiber


Smells: strawberry and chocolate mouse
Taste: the yogurt has a light strawberry taste but primarily has a plain taste to it. The oreo crumbles, crunch bar pieces, and dried strawberries add a slight crunch to it but it is not enough. There is a weird aftertaste to it that i cannot pin point but it gets so bad that i was unable to finish.
Overall: i am very disappointed in the flavor and the aftertaste just killed it for me. I would not buy this again.

img_20160110_1035249782.jpg.jpg img_20160110_1036339372.jpg.jpg img_20160110_1038083382.jpg.jpg



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