Lenny & Larry Complete Cookie Double Chocolate Peanut Butter Swirl Review

So I had the feeling to Call my local Vitamin Shoppe and ask if they had this in stock since i have been looking for it ever since i hear of the new flavor. This time i Got lucky!!!! They only had 4 left and when i got to the store I got the second to last one!! (Cost $1.99)

This is a brand new flavor from Lenny and Larry Collection that I had already reviewed, please feel free to check out the reviews after this one .

Lenny & Larry Complete Cookie Double Chocolate Peanut Butter Swirl

Macros: 56.5g (Half a cookie) 200cal 7F 27C 8P 4fiber

Smell: the it smells like a mix between a cookie and brownie with a hint of peanut butter
Taste unmodified: The taste depends on which part of the swirl you get. It is universally dry though if you get a darker brown part it taste like a a dry nut filled brownie that has peanut butter on top. I was very pleased with pieces of nuts throughout the cookie. The texture is dry and the chocolate flavor seems to be a mix between a dry brownie and fudge. The peanut butter flavor is on point to where you could believe that there was peanut butter dolloped right on top. If you get a part that is mostly light brown, the peanut flavor is the strongest and is more like a peanut butter fudge flavor to it with a very light hint of chocolate.
Taste heated (work): It smells like peanut butter more and the cookie became more moist. The chocolate flavor diminished a little in making it taste more like a chocolate chip cookie.
Overall: I enjoyed this though the flavor profile throws me for a loop. i like the lighter brown portions cold and the darker brown portions warm. I need to eat 3 more of these in order to figure out which way i like this better. Though i have no problem cutting it up in many different pieces and eat it both ways XD




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