WIAW What I eat in a day / week Jan 4th 2016

I am currently on my 12th week of reverse dieting since i have been on low calories for way too long (over a year). My decision in starting reverse dieting was mainly since i kept gaining weight every week when i was eating roughly 1400 cals a day and working out for about an hour everyday which is not natural to do. So i deviated from my plan to start cutting this week and decided i will pro-long my staying at maintenance macros and just play around to check how my body would react to High Carb low fat or High Fat Low Carb while keeping my Proteins the same.

Below is What i Ate Week plan.

Cutting to the chase now, i have a brief summery on how to decipher the meal nick names and when the food is actually consumed (all meals except for dinner and “snacks” are actually consumed at work).

Breakfast is actually Breakfast consumed around 7am XD and recently been addicted to home made protein muffins/brownies.
Lunch is usually consumed around 11am so could be Lunch
Dinner is my post work out meal/Dinner usually consumed before 6pm (is a beltsander brownie).  Recently, I have cut down on the extra workouts (due to insomnia) so now this is just my dinner.



2nd meal is actually consumed around 2pm
4th meal is actually consumed around 8am
6th meal is all the items that i wanted to try and do a review of. This was consumed with 4th meal. (This week appears to be Lenny & Larry cookies and protein bars)week010416food2





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