Lenny & Larry Complete Cookie Coconut Chocolate Chip Review

This is a brand new flavor from Lenny and Larry Collection that I had already reviewed, please feel free to check out the reviews after this one .

Lenny & Larry Complete Cookie Coconut Chocolate Chip

Macros: 56.5g (Half a cookie) 180cal 8F 22C 8P 4fiber

Smell: the aroma of the coconut comes out very strong
Taste unmodified: It taste like a chocolate chip cookie with the texture of coconut shreds through it but you cannot taste the coconut at all.
Taste heated (work): It smells the same and taste the same with the benefit of the fresh out of the oven gooeyness to it and the texture of the coconut shreds in it goes away! So if you don’t like the texture of coconut then heat this baby up!<3 ❤
Overall: I enjoyed this so much that I fell in love with this cookie! ❤ Sure it has higher fat but its good fats. Bring on the coconut.. oh yeah!



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