The New Year Goals

Happy New Year Everyone!

So this year I did not create any resolutions, but I did create a list of goals.

1: Pay off Medical Bills from last year
2: Pay off my Car and start up a savings account for the money that would of gone towards the car loan.
3: Stay at maintenance calories but switch up the macros to see how my body reacts to it for up to 3 months before cutting
4:  Fix up my house to make it more like a home.
5: Visit my family more frequently
6: Pay down as my debt as possible
7: Make someone smile everyday
8: Do my best to connect more with you.
9: strengthen my core and back so i won’t slip disks frequently.

So in the spirit of trying to fulfill my goals. (#8)I am available on Snapchat WandererTabi where I post more frequently the randomness of my life.(#7)  Here are a few things that i have posted that you have already missed. #dontjudgeme

I sincerely Hope of the these two videos made you smile!  I hope you have an amazing upcoming year and you achieve your goals.




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