Dannon Light & Fit Greek Mousse Review


Dannon Light & Fit Greek Mousse 
(mousse currently is not shown online)
Flavor: Coconut Creme
Cost: Found at Walmart for $1
Macros: 113g 80cal 0Fat 11C 9P 0fiber (10sugars)


Smells: Like coconut XD
Taste: It is Light and creamy, wonderful mouse texture and the flavor is on point.
Overall: I love the flavor and texture of this yogurt but I do not like how the macros have changed. A normal Dannon Light and Fit Greek yogurt macros are 150g 80cal 0Fat 9C 12P 0fiber (7sugars). I don’t like that the  carbs increased by 2 for extra sugar and the protein was reduced by 3. I know that the mouse is to make the yogurt more decadent but it is less filling causing me to want to eat another when normally 1 yogurt can hold me over.  Initially the make it or break it for me was the increase of sugar and drop in protein is the only reason i would not buy this again. Other than that this is taste amazing and you should give it a try.



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