Trying out Reverse Dieting

Merry Christmas Everyone!!! I hope you have a wonderful holiday season creating wonderful memories with your friends and family. 

I wanted to share with you what i have been doing recently. I have been on a reverse diet for 11 weeks now and i figured i would share with you the process i went through in making this decision. As I have shared I have been on multiple different diets for 6 years…. which i finally realized is too long of a time to be on low calories (900-1400).

Before I decided to reverse diet I did some research:

When Should you reverse diet? 
Advises: “A plateau in weight loss is your body’s way of saying “I am under fueled and overworked!”
You may need to reverse diet if you are experiencing…
o Weight loss plateau
o Decreased energy
o Decreased appetite
o Weight gain (while continuing to diet)
o Eating below 1,200 calories per day for a prolonged period of time
These are all indicators that you should take a step back from weight loss and work on overall health and metabolism.” 
 Advises: “A reverse can work great for anyone who falls into one or more of the following categories:

  • You’ve been dieting (or crash dieting) on very low calories for a very long time, and fat loss results have stalled.
  • Your metabolism is wrecked to the point where no amount of calorie-cutting and exercising will elicit a response from your body.
  • You train hard, but still feel low energy and fatigue during the day.
  • You hate your diet, your motivation is at an all-time low, and your workouts feel like a torture session.”

Extra resource leanmuscleproject

Plan I decided to follow is by katiesfitscript
Advises: “My personal preference is that you increase carbs by 5g per week and fats by 1g per week. …I go slowwwww. I have found that it keeps girls from freaking out from the excess water that they hold when they first start on new macros. ……So, this is what that would look like.

If you are currently eating 1500 calories (150g P, 130g C, 42g F) then you would do that for one week, then you would go to 150g P, 135g C, 43g F. Now you are asking, what in the world? That’s so silly and pointless. NO!! In 3 weeks, you have gone from 130g to 145g of carb! Over 6, 12, 16 weeks, it becomes substantial!”

My progress:
So I am 11 weeks into my Reverse Diet. I have hurt myself a few times and had 2 deaths in the family so my emotions and exercise has been all over the board. Though i did my best to stick to my plan I have gained about 3 lbs since October which I am satisfied with. I am hoping to find a spot where my body levels out and decides where it wants settle at so i can figure out what my maintenance calories are.  Below is a print screen of my excel sheet that i have been using to track my progress and food ratio’s in order to see how my body reacts to Fats and Carbs since my weight likes to fluctuate a lot.

I have learned and accepted that gaining weight is okay. Before i would freak out when i gained any kind of weight. Through weighing myself while reverse dieting it has made me realize that it is just a number and not to focus too much on it. Looking at the numbers on a daily bais is a serious mental trip where i fully understood on how people (including myself) freak out about the fluctuations especially if its not going in the direction of my goals.

I have realized that body measurements are the best to go by on a judging progress. NERD ALERT!!! I have another excel sheet that I use to track my measurements on a weekly basis which I take into more consideration. My body measurements have actually gone down in a few places and up in others but by only .25 on an inch. Not to shabby in my opinion.

As for eating. I have been enjoying that i can eat a lot more and find it hard to put more food into my meal times at place to where i am excited and surprised at the fact that i can have an extra spoon of nut butter or even put  butter on foods. Its like rediscovering foods all over again since i was so used to restricting myself and completely cutting out some food items for a lower calorie or alternative version. My co-workers have also enjoyed my reverse dieting since I bring in a lot more treats for everyone to try and i actually partake in eating the goodies they offer me, when i used to pass or take a piece, wrap it up and save it for the weekend since I prepped my meals for the week and I didn’t want to deviate from my plans. Though i still weigh out majority of my foods until i get it set in stone that i can eyeball how much food i am eating (i am getting really good at it) so i can participate in more activities without making myself an outcast.

My initial plans were to reverse diet until Jan 2nd and then start cutting again but i have decided that i am going to stay at my ending calories and see what happens. I also plan on trying out different macro set ups to where i will try 2 months at a High Fat with Moderate/Low Crabs and then 2 months of Carb Cycling.  Though my main goal is to stay at these higher calories for a good period of time so my body gets used to it, gain some muscle , work on strengthening my back and core so I don’t throw out my back so easily.

Today is Christmas Eve and I have no clue what i will be having for dinner but I decided that I would enjoy myself. I have not starved myself at all in preparation for a giant feast that my mother-in-law has been telling me about for weeks. I planned to eat 1000 Cal while at work and save 800 for the large feasting time of 3:30pm til whenever i go home which will probably be 11pm. So it will take a lot of will power to not mindlessly eat since the food will be out and available the entire time. Wish me luck!

reverse prt1

reverse prt2


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