Totino’s Party Pizza

I figured I would share a few things that my husband will eat that won’t fit into my diet.


Totino’s Party Pizza Cheese 
Taste:  My husband advises it taste just like a pizza roll but in pizza form and then only ate half of the pizza.

Overall:  I handed this to my husband and did not tell him what it was. the moment he took a bit he questioned me on what it was. When I told him Totino’s Pizza, he told me that is what he thought since it tasted just like a pizza roll.  He told me not to buy it again and only ate half of the pizza (he normally will eat the entire pizza). Needless to say, i had to throw away the uneaten half of this pizza.  So unless you absolutely love the taste of the pizza rolls and/or are a small kid then this would be perfect for you; other than that I don’t suggest buying this pizza.




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