Pringles Stix mini Collection Review

Pringles Stix Mini Collection

Sugar Cookie
Smell: it smells lightly of sugar
Taste: It taste like a plain pocky stick that is semi sweet with sugar just missing the chocolate coating.
Overall: this snack is not for me, i found it very lack luster and not very sweet. Though they seem to be a hit with my co-workers since the other 8 packets disappeared off my desk within 3 days.

Honey Butter
Smell: it has a very light buttery scent to it
Taste: It has a great butter taste that comes off first and as you chew the honey flavor shortly follows
Overall: these were better than the sugar cookie, it reminded me of when i grew up and they had honey butter on the table.  Though as a child i learned my lesson the hard way that honey butter is not a snack on its own but a condiment and got sick to my stomach after eating majority of the dip XD.

Smell: it has a nice garlic italian bread-stick smell to it
Taste:  It is very savory as the flavors of garlic, italian season, with a hint of tomato basil are all jam packed onto this tiny stick.
Overall: these were my favorite ones of the bunch. i loved the flavor, made me want to make my own garlic bread or just make my own pizza.. which i ended up doing XD.

In order from what I liked the most to least:
1: Pizza
2: Honey Butter
3: Sugar Cookie


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