Angie’s Boom Chicka Puffs Nacho Cheese Review


Boom Chicka Puffs Nacho Cheese
Cost: Can’t remember but i can only find these at Target
Smell: it smells like sharp cheddar cheese
Taste: Is a bit light for me. It taste more like liquid cheese to me. I was hoping that there would be more spice involved. The texture is perfect, just like a normal puffed Cheetos  in crunchiness and freshness.
Overall: these cheese puffs are alright. i shared them with several other people who don’t eat any spicy food who were able to get a slight hint of spiciness. This information surprised me but it made sense since i consume a lot of spicy food that this just tasted like plain Cheetos.  I would not go out of my way to buy these again. I shared them with 6 of my other co-workers and all of them stopped eating them after 2 puffs. Based off their response to these, i am glad that i was not the only one that found these very lack luster.





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