What I eat in a day / week – Week of December 7th, 2015

I am currently on week 9 (might be 8) of Reverse dieting, and i have been switching up my meals each week. The following will be what ate in a day/ all week since i tend to have majority of the same foods for an entire week.

Cutting to the chase now, i have a brief summery on how to decipher¬†the meal nick names and when the food is actually consumed (all meals except for dinner and “snacks” are actually consumed at work).

Breakfast is actually Breakfast consumed around 7am XD
Lunch is usually consumed around 11am so could be Lunch
Dinner is  usually consumed before 6pm (is a beltsander brownie)
120715 bfast lunch din
2nd meal is actually consumed around 2pm
4th meal is actually consumed around 8am
6th meal is anything extra that i eat randomly throughout the day that i did not plan.
v246 120715

The following pictures are pretty much what my weekly lunches look like that i take to work with me.


protein apple muffins and protein black bean brownies. Muffins are consumed at home.


we have here: Apple, hemp seeds, taco bell fire sauce, 10g peanut butter, mission 1 bar, fiber 1 90 brownie, 2 protein black bean muffins, and Oikos triple zero yogurt.



This is Pasta Sauce chicken freezer meal with black beans, green beans, cheese, and crushed red pepper, to be topped with hot sauce.



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