Update on Setting Expectations

Since i started this page in July 2015 i had an older more fossil -like phone which did not provide the best quality of pictures and restricted me to only be able to upload pictures to this website and any social media sites when i had the time to manually move everything from my phone to my pc. My phone finally decided to roll over and die on me, which brought me to give in and get an upgrade.

So I have upgraded from an an LG extrovert 1 to a Motorola DROID TURBO in Ballistic Nylon.

So bye bye : LG-Extravert-ManualUserGuide-VN271-QuickStartGetting-VerizonWireless-KeysPartsLayoutOverview-Resume

droid turbo

So now with my new-ish phone since there is a Turbo2 out already, I have a much higher quality camera of 21MP and the ability to post on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram anytime! yaya!

I also would like to apologize with the past month with my lack of posting. I was unable to fully get back on track since another family member has passed away. Two deaths on two months has put me in a serious tailspin. I thank you for your patience.

I am currently trying to connect with brands in order to share more things with you whether it be food or actual products. I am still getting subscription boxes from Love With Food and Urthbox. I still Participate with Bzzzagent and Pinchme. Though I haven’t had much to share. I am thinking that i would try my hand at making some very very VERY basic youtube videos.

I took a moment and thought about the purpose of my site which is to break free from my shy shell and honestly share my experiences with you.  I realized i have been sharing everything with you but i have been keeping a part of myself hidden. If you can’t tell there is only one actual picture of me that is in a random post and in it I am wearing a mask XD. I was using the animated pictures of myself as a proxy since they are very close to what i actually look like.  After deliberation, I took in a deep breath as I decided I would overcome this issue and  share a picture with you since I feel this is unfair to everyone.In sticking to being completely honest and to stop hiding here are 2 things:
1: My name is Tabi but I like to go by Corliss online and through social media.
2: This is how i look! the close up is most recent picture of me, the middle is from roughly 2 months ago, and the last is from the summer.

img_20151128_201847451.jpg 092915074222.jpg.jpg 08171510272.jpg.jpg



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