Angie’s Holidrizzle Boom Chicka Pop Hot Cocoa Marshmellow Review


Boom Chicka pop hot cocoa Marshmallow Kettle Corn
Cost: sale 2/$4 at Wegmans
Smell: it smells like a mix of buttered popcorn and milk chocolate
Taste: Is a bit strange. the popcorn comes off as if it is stale / softer than you would think it should be, which doesn’t make the texture very appealing. The flavor is meh, kind of ok, the only good parts to it is when you get a cluster topped with chocolate.
Overall: the popcorn is good to eat when you get a cluster, other than that there is zero appeal or incentive to want me to eat more. I would not buy these again.  I shared these with Lady Dragon  since she is an avid buyer of boomchickapop popcorn (she has a massive sam’s club bag at her desk) and she did not like these at all. She thanked me for letting her try these and saving her from losing money since she felt the same way I did about the taste and texture of this flavor.




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