Silk Almond Nog Bzzagent Review

As I mentioned yesterday I offered to do this review early. This is a shout out to mycrazynontoxiclife, I hope this answers some questions you have had. Have a Great Holiday!

Silk Almond Nog
Dairy-Free, Soy-Free Nog, non-gmo, gluten free, no msg, kosher

I received 3 coupons from Bzzagent 1: to get for free and 2: for $0.75 off to share with friends/family.

Macros: 4oz /120ml / .5cup  45cal 1F 8C 0P 0fiber
Smell: it smells lightly of egg nog
Taste: It taste like watered down egg nog with a slightly weaker flavor than the Soy version.  I was quite disappointed in the consistency and the flavor. The liquid was even more thinner that the soy version and the flavor was even weaker. I tried to look for some nutmeg to add to it in hopes that it would save the flavor of the drink but i had none.
Overall: the silk nog tasted fine but was not as good as the soy version. Though in my experimentation in egg nog alternatives i have seen Rice Nog at Wegmans but i was hesitant on giving it a try since i have never had rice milk either. Maybe once i finish off both of these containers of Nog I might try out the rice nog. Until then I will probably add the Almond Nog to some Halo Top Ice cream making a shake of it, or maybe use it making some pudding.





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