OHYeah One Bar Reviews

OhYeah One Bars (gluten free, kosher)

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
Macros: 60g 220cal 7F 24C 21P 9fiber
Smell: it smells nicely of chocolate and a little bit of cookie dough
Taste unmodified: It taste very good, i really like the chocolate coating that adds a little bit extra to the flavoring. This a decent cookie dough taste.
Taste heated (work): It became nice and doughy but all flavor was lost 😦
Overall: the bar surprised me on how well it tasted. though in all honesty i probably won’t buy it again unless i wanted a softer cookie dough bar, though quest is still by far my favorite.image


Chocolate Brownie
Macros: 60g 210cal 7F 24C 21P 10fiber
Smell: it smells like fiber one 90 brownie bar
Taste unmodified: It taste like a fiber one 90 bar but with more protein.. OH YEAH!!
Taste heated (work): It became nice and doughy but all flavor was lost 😦
Overall: I really enjoyed this bar, i love how easy it is to chew and surprise surprise i actually liked this one more than the quest version,


Lemon Cake
Macros: 60g 220cal 7F 23C 22P 10fiber
Smell: it smells like lemon, oh the heavenly scent of lemon.
Taste unmodified: It has a decent lemon flavor but there is a small part of it that taste a little bit like chemical cleaning product. 😦
Overall: the bar was okay at first it was just the chemical taste at the end that just made the bar not taste as good as i had hopped.


In order from what I liked the most to least:
1: Chocolate Brownie
2: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
3: Lemon Cake


7 thoughts on “OHYeah One Bar Reviews

    Have you tried the birthday cake? Or peanut butter pie flavor?
    I’ve been reading all these reviews , but I’m still stick on which flavor to go with.
    I personally like combat (cookie dough) better than the Quest CD.
    But where would you rate the oh yeah one CD?
    I’ve read alot of your reviews, so I trust your opinion!

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    • I plan on trying out the birthday cake and peanut butter pie soon, since i am a peanut butter fanatic! lol . as for cookie dough bars ones i like the most to least would be: 1: Quest mainly since i can eat it 3 different ways 2: combat crunch 3: mission one bar 4:oh yeah one 5: fit crunch bar 6: fit elite bar 7: oh yeah victory


  2. Corliss, me again. Lol.
    I think I’m going to get the brownie one.
    I just had the quest brownie and I liked it.
    So you think oh yeah one tastes BETTER than the Quest?
    Was it a taste or texture thing?
    Oh btw, I tried the “new” quest formula of the brownie


      • Oh! Let me know then.
        I want to get the oh yeah brownie or the peanut butter pie (have you tried it yet?!)
        because I have “points” on iherb.
        But unfortunately, they have horrible return policies ( you pay return shipping , not the company :/ )
        So I want to make sure I get some bars I will actually like.

        The oh yeah ONE bars are cheaper too. So I hope you like the oh yeah ones better! Lol 😛

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      • I will stop by a local store tomorrow and see if they have them. If so I will grab them and give them a try. Since I don’t blame you on not wanting to buy a bunch and end up not liking them.


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