Homemade layered dip and chips

I was craving a 5 or 7 layered dip. I was tempted to buy one but i decided that i preferred to make my own so i could have as much as i want and control how “healthy” the dip would be.

1027151025 1027151025a

It is super easy to assemble. Just need to layer it out with quantities of your choosing.
Layers – Starting from the Bottom:
1: Vegetarian Re-fried beans
2: Whole Guacamole with Pico
3: salsa (heat range of your liking)
4: chobani plain 0% fat greek yogurt
5: Hot Sauce of your choosing
6: cheese of your choosing.

The macros will vary based on how big of a serving size you make it, but you will defiantly be able to eat more than the store bought ones since you are able to make healthier swaps.

For the chips:

I took 1 Josephs Lavish bread and cut it into triangles and baked in the oven at 350 for about 8 minutes.


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