Silk Original Nog Bzzagent Review

Silk Original Nog
Dairy-Free Soy Nog, non-gmo, gluten free, no msg, kosher

I received 3 coupons from Bzzagent 1: to get for free and 2: for $0.75 off to share with frineds/family.

Macros: 4oz /120ml / .5cup  80cal 1.5F 13C 3P <1fiber
Smell: it smells just like egg nog
Taste: It taste like watered down egg nog with a slightly stronger flavor that kicks in as the drink s swallowed. the , consistency is a bit more watery than normal egg nog but it still taste good.
Overall: the silk nog taste very good, i really enjoy the extra kick at the end. more than everything i am more excited that i can have egg nog again since traditional egg nog is not very macro/diet friendly and cannot really be indulged upon. With this i feel like i would be able to actually have a few cups and be completely guilt free.

Work reviews:
I brought into work a bottle of the nogg and offered it up yo a lot of people. ended up that there are several people who have never tried egg nogg before, those who can’t fathom the idea that there are “raw” eggs in it and don’t like the texture, and others who have had to stop drinking it due to the calories.  After explaining that this is egg free and doing my best to describe what egg nogg taste like i was able to get everyone to give this a try and surprise everyone really enjoyed it!!!
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