Week ofr Oct 25, 2015 Favorite Recipe YouTube Videos

My most recent Favorite videos from people that i follow on Youtube!

1: Pumpkerdoodle Protein Muffin snack/dessert RECIPE + Figure Prep Workout: Chest, Bis, Abs by perFiTion (june video, though i just stared following)

2: 30 Second Ultimate Protein Brownie with Kara Corey by TheTigerFitness

3: Lean Body LOW CARB Chicken Fingers Recipe by The Protein Chef

4:Macro Friendly Cauliflower Crust Pizza! by Amanda Bucci

5: How to make donuts | 2 Ingredients ONLY by SimplyBakings

6: 2 Weeks Out || Full Day Of Eating by Riley Deveau  (cutting tips, filling foods, pov breakfast, + more)

7: Parfaits & Pumpkins by Kim Hoeltje  (spinach pancakes)

8: Carbs At Night: Happy Halloween by Travis S (orange themed food mashups)

If you enjoyed any of these videos please feel free to like and subscribe to them, these are some amazing people.


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