Tim Tam Original Cookie Bzzagent Review

Arnott’s Tim Tam Original Cookies
Irresistible chocolaty happiness in a cookie. An Australia’s favorite biscuit.

#TimTamSlam #GotItFree I received these as a campaign from Bzzagent to review and share with friends and family.  I was also given a few coupons for $0.75 off to purchase at stores. I was advised these cookies can be found at Target, Safeway, HEB and select Walmart stores nationwide for a suggested price of $3.29  I have yet to find these in local stores but i will keep an eye out,

Macros: 2 cookies 37g 190cal 10F 24C 2P <1fiber
Smell: it has the aroma of a chocolate bar with caramel
Taste: It is nice and crispy though the inside part of the chocolate covered cookie crumbles very easily, so prepare for a mess of crumbs. The chocolate is both semi-sweet but also has a richness to it, I feel that the richness comes from the chocolate cream filling. I prefer dark chocolate but i really enjoyed this cookie,
Packaging: needs slight improvement, it is not resealable so you have the feeling you have to eat all the cookies in one sitting so that they don’t go bad. I am using a binder clip to close off the packaging.
Overall: the cookies taste great and i am having a blast sharing them with everyone else. They do make me think of chocolate covered Keebler E.L. Fudge original cookies, but with the cookie being chocolate.

Tony Kent: The cookie is very sweet but doesn’t hurt my teeth, i am very intrigued by this. This cookie taste great.I usually don’t like chocolate because it is usually underwhelming or overwhelming but this fit perfectly in the middle.

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