RSP ReGen BCAA Review

I tested these in a 17oz shaker bottle that i sipped on while working out.

RSP ReGen BCAA Raspberry Lemonade (powder is white, comes out pink)
Serving size: 8g
Flavor strength: it is very weak, it does has a raspberry flavor to it but not too much as lemonade but a tea. I plan on trying it again but with 2 scoops
Overall:  after each sip i felt drained, not excited, no extra boost that i needed. this was with only 1 scoop, so i will be trying it again with 2 scoops to see if anything changes,
Second Chance using 2 scoops: i used 13g and the flavor was much stronger. The raspberry flavor is strong and comes off very artificial. The lemonade part comes in afterwards which makes this very sour. I did find the extra energy to push through my work out but it was torture sipping on this. i hated the flavor, it was way too sour and the raspberry artificial aftertaste just made me want to wash out my mouth.

0928151649 0928151649a

RSP ReGen BCAA Fruit Punch (powder is light pink, turns water light pink)
Serving size: 8g
Flavor strength: took 10.8g it is milk fruit punch flavor, a bit like watered down kool-aid
Overall:  after each sip i felt about the same but my endurance kept going. i actually finished off the entire bottle before my workout was complete. I liked that it did not over stimulate me, felt kind of like hanging out with an old friend, having a good time and not realizing how the time is flying by. I am excited to continue using this and finish off the container

0930151656 0930151656a


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